About Us

The experience at The London Bespoke Club is what we pride ourselves on. We are not your traditional clothing buying experience, nor do we want to be. Whether you are in a rush or have some time to spare we have the environment to accommodate your mood and needs.

Come in, relax, enjoy a drink, browse through our meticulously curated fabric selection and let us get to know you. Do you work in a specific industry that requires suits 5 days a week, or do you simple need a wow-factor suit for your wedding day. We won’t show you a single swatch until we know exactly what your needs are. We cater to clients of all needs.

Book an appointment with us today and experience shopping for the 21st century gentleman. Our unique approach to styling and addressing gaps in your wardrobe will leave you wondering why you haven’t been purchasing your clothing this way, sooner.

Bespoke Suiting

The London Bespoke Club - Scabal BlueEach suit is unique. A one of a kind piece made specifically for your size and to your design specifications.

Bespoke in the truest sense, our master tailors gather 30+ measurements which are then entered into our system after which a one off pattern is made for representing your body. This pattern is used to hand cut and stitch your garment piece by piece and is kept in our file system for life.

Learn more about our construction process and suit features here.

Custom Shirts

Countless days have been spent curating our shirting fabrics and it grows with each new season.

The Sky’s the limit on the amount of customization options you have for your shirts. Countless style options exist for collars, cuffs, monograms and trim details. You’ll never be caught wearing the same shirt as a guy on the other side of the office again

Oh, and did we mention the fit. It’s impeccable! Designed and tailored specifically for your body, you’ll want to come back and buy 20 more!

The London Bespoke Club - Shirting

Bespoke and Custom Shoes

Our services don’t stop at suiting and shirting. Shoes are our guilty pleasure too! In our showroom we carry all sizes of Insolitto Terra. This new brand is focused on comfort, but they’ve accomplished this without sacrificing style. These are truly the most comfortable AND stylish pairs of shoes you’ll ever own.

However, there may be a chance, once we’ve styled you in bespoke suiting and custom shirts, that we’ve ruined you for all things off the rack (shoes included). Fear not for your feet as they shall not suffer any longer. Our custom shoe line will allow you to design your shoes in the same way you’ve designed your suits and shirts. One of a kind and just for you.

Accessories and Luggage

Don’t let your clothes suffer in torture whilst you travel. Our showroom carries a full line of high end luggage and suit friendly travel ware. Never again shall your suit be wrinkled for all 4 days of the conference!