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Bespoke Women’s Suiting
Bespoke Womens Tuxedo

Own It!

It’s starts with you! You deserve nothing but the best.

The best fabric. The best fit. The best finish.

Arora by The London Bespoke Club, explores your personal style and shows your individuality through bespoke wear. Designed with intricate detail and attention, we are proud to offer you our commitment in the highest standard of bespoke tailoring for women. You’ll be at the top of your game in clothing that is made with luxury fabrics and perfectly tailored to fit your body.

Experience Something Exceptional

Elegant Design

Establish your look of elegance and power. 

Building a bespoke wardrobe of timeless and stunning designs has allowed are clients to look and feel like the fabulous whilst feeling completley themselves. 

We believe that when you look great, you feel great and we’re here to empower you to own it!

Own your look, own your confidence, own the room!

In a world where bespoke tailoring was once acclaimed for the man’s wardrobe, Arora by The London Bespoke, offers afresh new way of creating your wardrobe. We understand time is your most precious commodity, so we give you an experience that removes the seasonal hunt for the perfect outfits. 

Exceptional Fabrics

We’ve taken the time to source and curate fabric collections just for womenswear. 

These specialized books are designed to drape across your curves and show off your power, whilst remaining timeless and elegant. 

Strategic Dressing

Bespoke Women's Tuxedo Dress

Bespoke Women's Blazer

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