Bespoke Suiting

Working with a Master Clothier at The London Bespoke Club is a pain free experience. You’ll kick yourself for not purchasing your clothing this way before. With quite literally hundreds of customization to your garments, your clothier will help you every step of the way.

Regardless of your final material selection, all of our garments come with these signature features at no extra cost.

Canvassed Construction

Full Canvassed Construction is standard on all our suits, no exceptions.

A suit’s inner canvas lining is what gives the suit its shape and form. A full-canvas garment lasts longer, breathes better, loses its wrinkles quickly, and allows for more natural movement and drape because its hand-sewn layers can move independently of one another. All London Bespoke Club suits are tailored with our signature lightweight canvas from Italy. Most off-the-rack and made-to-measure suit makers reduce costs by eliminating the full-canvas feature. Instead, they “fuse” (or glue) the fabrics together in order to imitate the appearance of a fully canvassed jacket.

Suit Canvass - The London Bespoke Club
High Quality Buttons on Custom Suits Toronto - The London Bespoke Club

Hand Stitched buttons

The buttons on our garments are all hand-sewn onto by our master tailor using the highest quality Faro silk thread.

An abundance of buttons to choose from; our selection ranges from plastic, horn and mother of pearl (shell). Each and every button is sewn on using the standard master tailors technique by providing a neck, also known as the stem, for the button to rest on. This allows for greater ease when fastening.

Full Function Buttonholes (Surgeons Cuffs)

Fully functioning button holes on jacket sleeves are a must.

Also known as surgeon cuffs, these working sleeve buttonholes are ready for you to roll up your sleeves and get down to business. They take hours of tedious labor, but nothing screams “custom suit” like working cuffs. Accent the last buttonhole for an even more dramatic effect.

Surgeon cuffs, Custom Suits Toronto - The London Bespoke Club
Hand Pick Stitching, Custom Suits Toronto - The London Bespoke Club

Hand Pic Stitching on ALL seams

All seams of your garment will have hand piqued stitching on all seams.

It is this that separates that men from the boys! Most tailors will stop after pick stitching the lapels and maybe the pocket flaps. Each London Bespoke garment requires extra man hours and has pick stitching applied to every seam. The lapels, pocket flaps, shoulder seam, arm hole, outer sleeve seam, side seams, center seam, vents (whether one or two) and lining edges all receive this extra hand finishing touch.

Pic stitching add that touch of detailing and class to your suit jacket that you’ll not find anywhere else.

Custom Bemberg Silk Lining with Pic Stitch

As standard you’ll have your choice of hundreds of linings. Be as bold or as subtle as you’d like with the interior of your garment. We even have the capability to produce a custom lining with any design you’d like. This option is perfect for corporate clients that what unified lining options for all of their employees or for very special occasions to have a garment you’ll never forget.

Bemberg silk is some of the strongest most durable fabric in the world – it only makes sense for the part of your jacket that endures the most wear and tear.

Custom Bemberg Silk Linings , Custom Suits Toronto - The London Bespoke Club
Button Anchor , Custom Suits Toronto - The London Bespoke Club

Button Anchors

Never again will any button fall off of your suit.

Not only are the main buttons of your suit sewn on by hand, they are also secured on the reverse side of the suit with a button anchor.

Built in Pocket Square

Forgot your pocket square at home?

No stress! Our built in pocket square will have you prepared like James Bond. Whip out the built in pocket square in case you forget your Sebastian Cruz Couture  pocket square at home.

Built In Pocket Square, Custom Suits Toronto - The London Bespoke Club

Your Name Stitched in Every Garment

Because each garment is made for you and you alone we’ve added in an extra special touch of embroidering your name inside every jacket and pant. Don’t want your name, add a special saying or quote instead.

Truly Bespoke Design

Don’t be fooled into thinking your not getting a bespoke garment. A true bespoke garment will allow you to create whatever you want. The only limitation is your imagination. Want a wild design specifically for you but cant come up with something? Our master clothier will create something to blow you away.

Details in Custom Suits Toronto - The London Bespoke Club