Custom Shirting

It is very important for us to make sure each piece of clothing that we create is up to our high level of quality and your level of expectations. Our custom shirting offerings are no exception to this rule.

We’ve spared no expense in making sure that our shirting maintains the highest industry standards in construction quality without compromising the ability for each of our clients to build custom shirts to their styling specifications and more importantly their own custom size.

Our 30+ fit profile ensures that over or undersized shirts are a problem of the past.

Our shirting selection is comprised of an abundant amount of fabric mills, based around the world, to choose from. Your collar and cuff options is just as limitless. We have more than 12 different collar selections and 10 different cuff selections and the customization details don’t stop there – trim fabric selection, button choice, colour of thread details, these will truly be your shirts. See some of our shirt recommendations below.

Staple Shirting

Casual Shirting